Conditions of the Small Social Institute Loan Renewal of Times and Interest Rate

Why choose the small loan

Why choose the small loan

With the economic crisis, access to credit has become a necessity for many taxpayers. a condition that affects not only temporary workers and the unemployed but also permanent workers, including civil servants. Subjects who, in case of difficulty, can take advantage of subsidized loans ex Government Agency, as well as the small renewal Social Institute loan.

The small Social Institute loan ex Government Agency is presented as the most versatile of the Social Institute loans dedicated to public employees and pensioners. It makes it possible to obtain sums up to 8 times the monthly salary or net pension received by the applicant.

Money that can be used to meet expenses of various kinds that fall within the daily family needs of the applicant. Since it is not necessary to specify the purpose for which the credit is requested when applying, the loan can in fact be used to cover expenses of all kinds.

Advantages, those described above, to which is added an advantageous interest rate. The Tan is in fact fixed at 4.25%. As regards the repayment plan, the installments are monthly and the loan can extend for 12, 24, 36 or 48 months.

How the small loan renewal works

How the small loan renewal works

In the previous lines we have seen what are the advantages of the small Social Institute loan ex Government Agency, then we move on to the question of the small Social Institute loan renewal. The renewal of a loan is the procedure that allows those who already have a credit line in progress to pay off the old loan and take out a new one at the same time.

In the case of the small Social Institute loan, renewal is granted only on condition that a certain period of time has elapsed from the beginning of the repayment of the loan you wish to pay off.

Specifically, the minimum amortization period is equal to:

  • 6 months for small annual loans;
  • 12 months for small two-year loans;
  • 18 months for small three-year loans;
  • 24 months for small four-year loans.

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