General Announcement :: iX Biopharma Signs Wafesil License Agreement with China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial Group

(Registration number: 200405621W)



iX Biopharma signs Wafesil license agreement with China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial Group

Singapore, September 30, 2021 – Specialized pharmaceutical company iX Biopharma Ltd. (“IX Biopharma” or, the “Group”) has entered into an agreement with China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial Group Co., Ltd. (“CRPCG”) through its wholly ownedsubsidiary China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial Group International Trading Co., Ltd. (药 业), for the licensing, supply and distribution of Wafesil, a sublingual sildenafil pack for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, in China (the “License Agreement”).

This license agreement marks the 1st agreement between CRPCG and iX Biopharma following the signing of a strategic cooperation framework agreement announced in April 2021, to engage in global cooperation, including licensing and joint venture activities concerning pharmaceuticals and sublingual nutraceuticals from iX Biopharma in China. The license agreement has an initial term of 10 years and will allow both sides to harness their collective strengths and capabilities to seize the vast opportunities in the Chinese market.

CRPCG is the main profit center of China Resources Group, ranked 69e on Fortune Global 500 in 2021, and CRPCG is also the third largest pharmaceutical distributor in Mainland China by revenue. Generating approximately 151 billion RMB in revenue in fiscal year 2020, CRPCG distributes products directly through its extensive network to more than 7,000 hospitals, 47,000 community medical institutions, and 97,000 retail and cooperative pharmacies across China.

Under the license agreement, the CRPCG will be responsible for obtaining marketing authorization for Wafesil from the relevant authorities in China. When registering,


(Registration number: 200405621W)


iX Biopharma will manufacture and supply Wafesil to CRPCG at a mutually agreed price, and CRPCG will market and distribute the product exclusively in China. The agreement further provides that CRPCG will make certain upfront and license fee payments to iX Biopharma prior to the commercialization of Wafesil.

Ms. Eva Tan, Commercial Director of iX Biopharma said, “We are honored to partner with one of the best and largest pharmaceutical distribution companies in China in our efforts to accelerate our penetration into this market. China is one of the fastest growing healthcare markets in the world and the second largest healthcare market in the world. 1 . Deepening our relationship with CRPCG in this way is a significant step forward for iX Biopharma, and we believe it will be the first of many other agreements to be concluded between us. “

iX Biopharma entered into a licensing, distribution and supply agreement with Yiling Pharmaceutical Ltd in China in April 2020 regarding Wafesil. However, in light of the broader partnership with CRPCG, the Company has entered into an agreement with Yiling Pharmaceutical to terminate the agreement.

Wafesil is a new dosage form of sildenafil formulated using iX Biopharma’s patented sublingual drug delivery technology, WaferiX. It is a pharmaceutical drug registered in Australia.


1 SCMP Research, South China Morning Post China Healthcare Report 2020.


(Registration number: 200405621W)


About China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial Group Co, Ltd.

China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial Group Co., Ltd. (??) is a leading pharmaceutical trading company in China. It has its own distribution and retail platform with nationwide network coverage of China, providing highly professional and efficient pharmaceutical logistics, marketing and other innovative value-added services for upstream suppliers and downstream customers. CRPCG has 330 subsidiaries in 28 provinces and its sales network covers 31 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) and special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao in China. It operates a nationwide distribution network comprising 179 logistics centers, distributing products directly to hospitals and other medical institutions across the country and operates one of the largest retail pharmacy networks in China, comprising more than 850 drugstores under the brand national premium – “Teck Soon Hong信 行) “.

About iX Biopharma Ltd

iX Biopharma is a specialty pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company listed on the Catalist Board of Directors of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST), operating a fully integrated business model, from drug development to manufacturing and supply, with facilities in Australia. The Group is focused on the development and commercialization of therapies for diseases of the central nervous system using new formulations protected by patent for sublingual administration.

iX Biopharma has developed a patented drug delivery platform technology, WaferiX. WaferiX delivers the drug sublingually through the mucosa for better absorption, faster onset of action and predictable effect. The WaferiX delivery platform is particularly useful for drug reorientation, a growing trend with a global market worth over $ 30 billion.2. Drug reorientation involves transforming existing approved drugs into new drugs targeting different indications or a different route of administration, at a lower cost and development risk.

IX Biopharma’s pipeline of products under development includes Wafermine (ketamine wafer) and BnoX (buprenorphine wafer) for pain management. IX Biopharma’s drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, Wafesil, a sublingual sildenafil packet, and Silcap, have been registered in Australia and Singapore. iX Biopharma has developed Xativa, the world’s first freeze-dried sublingual medicinal cannabis blister pack.

The Group’s nutraceuticals division, Entity Health Limited, is engaged in the development and commercialization of nutraceutical products that treat specific conditions and improve quality of life. It distributes its Entity line of nutraceuticals in Australia to more than 250 pharmacies and health food stores, in China through its flagship stores on Tmall Global and JD Worldwide, and globally through its online store.

2 / reorientation-of-drugs-for-an-emerging-approach-in-drug-discovery


(Registration number: 200405621W)


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Press and investor relations consultant

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