Local pharmacist warns of fraudulent COVID-19 test kits :: WRAL.com

With the surge in COVID-19 cases and more and more people testing positive, many people are trying to get their hands on test kits.

Pharmacist Steve Adkins said to do your homework, as fraudulent test kits are sold everywhere.

“Make sure you buy them from a legitimate retail or lab,” Adkins said. “Or go to a legitimate testing center.”

Adkins knows tests are scarce and people are desperate, drug stores included.

He says pharmacies are trying to play an independent role in testing, but some have been unable to get free tests due to demand.

“As a result, they’re just trying to get tested wherever they can to help the general public,” Adkins said.

The Federal Trade Commission has said it is purchasing test kits approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Also, search for the name of the tests and type scam next to it online to see what appears.

Finally, use a credit card so you can dispute the charge if necessary.

Last week, Attorney General Josh Stein encouraged North Carolina to report any price hikes related to the pandemic to the North Carolina Department of Justice.

Omicron is just the latest COVID-19 strain and it won’t be the last. There will be different variations and more and more test requests.

“I hope that the sensitivity of tests and vaccinations will become more and more specific and more and more reliable,” Adkins said.

But until then, the buyer is wary.

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