National Parkinson’s Workbag Pioneer Pharmacist Award

THE work of a Dudley pharmacist in helping people with Parkinson’s disease has been recognized with a national award.

Dr Janine Barnes MBE, pharmacist in neurology with the Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, created Parkinson’s Specialist Pharmacy Network UK to train pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in the management of Parkinson’s disease.

Over 145,000 people in the UK have Parkinson’s disease and one in 37 people alive in the UK today will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in their lifetime. Currently there is no cure.

Janine, who received an MBE for her pharmacy services in 2019, created the network so pharmacists across the UK can help people with Parkinson’s to manage their disease and their often complex medications, by keeping them keeping out of the hospital.

In recognition of his work, the project won the Award for Sharing Learning and Education at the Parkinson’s Excellence Network Awards.

The judges included a panel of healthcare professionals, as well as members of the Parkinson’s community, who praised the project for its dedication to improving the experience of people with Parkinson’s disease.

Dr Donald Grosset, Clinical Director of the UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network, said: “This is a truly remarkable network that is at the forefront of exceptional Parkinson’s care, and this award is essential to recognize and celebrate. the accomplishments of the dedicated pharmacists who run it. . ”

Celebrating this victory, Dr Barnes said: “We are delighted that the work and importance of our pharmacy network has been recognized nationally.

“The number of members of our network continues to grow and we are working on organizing our second national conference and opening it up to a wider range of professions, so that they too can benefit from shared learning and development. ” a multidisciplinary team approach to better support our patients with Parkinson’s disease. ”

Diane Wake, Managing Director of the Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Janine was the UK’s first specialist pharmacist in neurology and we are extremely proud of the impact her work has had nationally. She paved the way in the care of Parkinson’s patients with the Dudley Rehabilitation Service’s neurology path, which consists of a community-based multidisciplinary team, taking patients out of the hospital system.

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