New pharmaceutical degree to include a wide range of disciplines

Cures and cures for diseases and ailments could be created by New Zealanders, once the University of Otago starts recruiting graduates of its new degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The degree is the only one of its kind in New Zealand and will encompass a wide range of scientific disciplines essential to the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies.

It aims to create a career path at the cutting edge of science and technology that will not only prevent and treat disease in humans, but also in animals and plants.

University of Otago Acting Dean of Pharmacy Professor Sarah Hook said it was exciting to be able to offer the new undergraduate degree.

This qualification will lead to so many exciting career opportunities in a diverse and rapidly growing global pharmaceutical industry, as well as other health-related research careers.

These graduates could participate in the development of drugs that provide treatment and save lives.

“ The skills acquired through this degree are also transferable to industries such as cosmetics, food science, agricultural chemicals and more. ”

Associate Professor Arlene McDowell, Department of Pharmacy, has been closely involved in developing the qualification and said the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the demand for graduates who are able to discover and develop new drugs and more. products.

Professor McDowell said she looked forward to working in this area with students who were innovative and creative thinkers with practical skills.

“It will be a laboratory degree, so our students will get hands-on experience in the discovery, design, synthesis, formulation and delivery of pharmaceuticals.

“We offer small class sizes with world-renowned scientists and industry experts, and the degree structure is flexible enough for students to refine their study to suit their own interests by adding articles from other departments. “

The degree also included Maori medicine to help understand medicines beyond Western practices.

“It’s important to give our students a wealth of knowledge to draw on and an ability to see things from multiple angles. “

The Bachelor of Pharmacy, which trains students to practice the profession of pharmacist in various professional settings, will continue to operate.

The degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences will begin in the first semester of next year.

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