NHSE & I appoints David Webb as new pharmaceutical director :: C + D

NHSE & I confirmed Mr. Webb’s appointment this afternoon (January 7). This follows Dr. Ridge’s decision to step down from his post after 16 years in this post.

In his new role, Mr Webb will be a member of the NHSE & I Medical Leadership Leadership Team, the UK Government’s Chief Medical Officer Principal Clinical Group, responsible for the Pharmaceutical Professions in England and Senior Advisor on Pharmacy and Medicine. drug use in the NHS, which includes support to the Department of Health and Welfare.

Leading a team of professional pharmacy professionals – working both nationally and regionally – Mr. Webb will be the professional figurehead of over 70,000 registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in England.

“Really delighted and honored” to take on this role

Following the announcement, Mr. Webb tweeted that he was “truly delighted and honored to be appointed Chief Pharmaceuticals” and “looks forward to working with pharmacy executives, colleagues and teams across all industries starting in February”.

He also thanked Dr Ridge for his “exceptional contribution” in this role.

In a statement he wrote: ‘The past two years have been an extremely difficult time for all colleagues in the NHS, but have also highlighted the absolutely vital and positive role that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians play as clinical professionals in the NHS team.

“Whether it’s hospital teams supporting the care of over half a million critically ill patients, community pharmacy teams administering more than 21 million injections across the country, or healthcare teams As the primary sector is at the forefront of the immunization program in local communities, they have played a central role. in every part of the NHS COVID-19 response – in addition to pharmacy teams around the world, continuing their usual clinical roles of supporting patients and providing safe and effective health services. ”

He is “very proud” to “lead the next step in the transformation of the practice of pharmacy,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ridge took to Twitter to say that “it’s an honor to pass the baton on” to Mr. Webb. He also thanked “the great people” he has worked with over the past 16 years for their “support, friendship, good humor, good ideas and challenge”.

New role will include efforts to tackle antimicrobial resistance

In his role at the Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation, Mr Webb was responsible for the pharmaceutical oversight of the COVID-19 vaccination centers and the COVID-19 drug delivery unit.

He was also Co-Chair of the South East London Pharmacy Management Team.

Mr. Webb has held several academic positions at the UCL School of Pharmacy, including that of Visiting Professor. Most recently, he was a senior member of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Clinical Academic Group at King’s Health University Health Sciences Center. He is also a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS).

In his new role, Mr Webb will lead efforts to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing and the NHS anti-over-prescription program.

“The transition comes at a crucial time”

Commenting on Mr Webb’s appointment, RPS English Pharmacy Board Chairman Thorrun Govind said: “I warmly congratulate David on his appointment and look forward to working closely with him and his team. on how we can help the pharmacy profession support great patient care and NHS recovery. In England.

Ms Govind said Mr Webb joined at a “crucial time” and added that it is “vital” that RPS, NHSE & I and other leaders in the pharmacy industry “continue to work together on issues keys, such as the future of pharmacy education, staff well-being and advancing the practice of pharmacy ”.

Past President of the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK Liz Fidler – who will join the Pharmaceutical Director’s team in March 2022 – tweeted that she looks forward to working with Mr. Webb “to realize the full potential of the profession of pharmacy technician”.

Meanwhile, the Managing Director of the Association of Multiple Independent Pharmacies, Leyla Hannbeck tweeted that she wished Mr. Webb “much success” in his new role and looked forward to working with him “in what is a pivotal time for our profession”.

Mark Lyonette, Managing Director of the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), also tweeted to congratulate Mr. Webb on his appointment and added that he was “very much looking forward to working” with him.

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