Nigeria’s pharmaceutical industry needs repositioning Don

Professor of pharmaceutical chemistry and former double dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Benin, Professor Cyril Odianose Usifoh, said he remains committed to using his rich experience to reposition the pharmaceutical industries for greater efficiency and reliability. production of drugs that are safe for Nigerians.

Usifoh, one of the top contenders for the seat of the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Company (PSN) national president, said this while unveiling his plans ahead of the association’s election to be held later this week in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State.

The university professor who had once served as state president of the association in Edo state as well as president of the National Association of University Pharmacists, among others, said it was time for the profession of pharmacist takes it to the next level with pharmacists recognized and adequately remunerated for their invaluable role in the delivery of health care.

Speaking further of his dreams for pharmacists nationwide, Prof Usifoh said: “My vision is to have a united and progressive family of pharmacies where pharmacists are respected, increasingly relevant and well compensated for their invaluable role. while networking with members of the health team and other professionals. for the growth and development of society.

“My mission is to make sure that the drugs are available so that we can project the pharmacy in a good light so that pharmacists get what they deserve. “

Speaking about his desire to strengthen the pharmaceutical industry, if elected, Prof. Usifoh said he plans to implement the recently federally approved Pharm D program.

“We will institutionalize the Pharm D program within the consultancy group that was recently approved by the federal government. In Edo state, we were able to get it approved at all levels for all local and parastatal governments in the state, which we will replicate in other states at the federal level.

“It is important that we are able to achieve this so that our relevance in the delivery of health care by working with other health care providers becomes more important and that we can actually achieve it.

“We also hope to push the production of essential medicines by helping the local industry, we will strongly advocate it and when we do not have some of these medicines which can be easily produced in the country, we will ensure that they do not. are not. in limited quantity.

“We will also enrich the industry so that the developers will be properly executed and the participation of academic pharmacists and industrial pharmacists will synergize to bring safe drugs to the doors of Nigerians.

“In addition, we also hope to look at the national drug distribution guidelines and work strongly for full implementation, because when we have that we can avoid the chaotic situation of drugs that we have in the country and pharmacists can not. only will receive the benefits, but patients will receive standard drugs.

On what he plans to do to improve the lot of community pharmacists in their efforts to be recognized as primary health care providers, Usifoh added: 2014.

“If this is implemented, it would make community pharmacists more visible, relevant and accessible to patients and ultimately Nigerians will always benefit better as pharmaceutical care will be brought to their doorstep,” he said. declared.


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