Pharmacist traded drugs for sex acts, Pennsylvania prosecutor says

A pharmacist in Pennsylvania is accused of trading drugs and money for sexual favors.

A pharmacist in Pennsylvania is accused of trading drugs and money for sexual favors.

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81-year-old Pennsylvania pharmacist charged with commerce “Strong painkillers” for sexual acts, officials said.

Martin Brian of Media has since been charged with several crimes related to these trades, according to a Nov. 1 press release from the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office. He owns and operates Murray-Overhill Pharmacy, which closed in June.

“An octogenarian pharmacist – (whose) profession is dedicated to meeting the health needs of the community with honesty and integrity – has traded drugs for sexual favors,” District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer said. “In doing so, he allowed his need for sexual gratification to override any sense of personal or professional responsibility to the community. His actions have risked the lives of every individual receiving these illegally obtained drugs. “

The Media Borough Police Department began investigating on April 18 when it received an anonymous tip of two unconscious people parked at Murray-Overhill Pharmacy, according to the press release. As officers watched the two people, a woman (called SE) came out to the back of the pharmacy.

“On spotting the agents, she retired to the pharmacy. The accused – who was known to officers as Martin Brian – came out of the pharmacy and asked “if everything was okay,” “the statement said. “During a separate interrogation, inconsistencies appeared in the accounts of SE and the accused. “

Officers seized the woman’s cell phone and obtained a search warrant to search it. It was there that they discovered many texts between SE and Brian, officials said, including one that told SE how to answer police questions.

Two days after the anonymous advice, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration audited the pharmacy, analyzing inventory records from 2016 to 2021. Through the audit, officials said they found discrepancies in the inventory. oxycodone, Xanax and fentanyl.

Days later, on April 26, DEA agents interviewed SE, who admitted to meeting Brian every week to exchange sex acts for money and controlled substances, officials said.

As the investigation continued, officers said they found $ 50,000 in cash kept in a drugstore drawer. Investigators also learned of the existence of a second woman who said she traded sexual favors for drugs with Brian several times a week and “couldn’t even count the number of bottles of oxycodone she received. “, reads the press release.

The second woman said she would sell the oxycodone she received to buy heroin, officials said.

Murray-Overhill Pharmacy was the largest buyer of oxycodone, fentanyl and related pharmaceuticals in zip code 19063, officials said.

“While hardworking pharmacists across Delaware County make the anti-overdose drug Narcan available, this defendant has instead chosen to actively contribute to the scourge of addiction that families in our county face every day,” Stollsteimer said. .

Martin visited on November 1, according to the press release. He was then brought to justice and received a bond of $ 250,000. His first hearing is scheduled for November 17.

Brian is charged with “several counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, distributing a controlled substance to an addict, distributing a controlled substance in a manner inconsistent with the rules of the profession. medical, criminal use of ease of communication and sexual extortion.

“The allegations against Brian that he repeatedly distributed strong pain relievers and other controlled substances in exchange for sex are disgusting and demonstrate Brian’s utter disregard for his legal and ethical responsibilities as a pharmacist,” he said. said Thomas Hodnett, acting special agent in charge of the Philadelphia DEA. Field division. “The DEA, working with partners such as the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office, the Media Borough Police Department, and the Pennsylvania State Department, will aggressively prosecute rogue pharmacists like Brian who are responsible for helping out. ‘opioid epidemic.’

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