TikToker Politely Calls ‘Rude’ Man Karen, Arguing With Pharmacist

After nearly two years of the pandemic and an increase in videos of altercations between essential workers and needlessly difficult customers, a recent incident shows that Canadians are doing things differently.

TikToker @dani_koro said she had stood in line at the pharmacy for a full five minutes, listening to a man arguing with the pharmacist about the price of something he was buying when she finally started checking in.

Compared to many ‘Karen’ videos and their male counterparts, especially in the US, the man’s interaction seems quite tame, even though he was still holding the line and seemingly going around in circles with the pharmacist for something beyond his control.

“I wasn’t planning on saying anything, I just wanted to show my husband this rude customer,” @dani_koro wrote.

But after a few more rehearsals and the client starting to raise their voice, the TikToker chose to step in.

“It doesn’t depend on her! she cried from her position in line. “Why are you berating her? It’s not his fault.

After a short back and forth, the man gave the TikToker a nudge, a sarcastic “thank you” and finally walked away from the counter.

“You know what? You’re not a good person,” he said as he left.


Don’t be a tyrant of essential workers, okay ?! They have endured enough in the past 18 months. pay and go. ??

original sound – DK

@dani_koro points out in his caption that essential workers have “spent enough time in the past 18 months” and suggests that customers shouldn’t “bully” them for just doing their jobs, and viewers agreed.

“How long will it take before people realize that when you work in a position like this, you are not responsible for changing prices etc.” asked @ jarl.rakhell.

Meanwhile, @lesleypatricia drew attention to his client’s own hypocrisy, “‘YOU are not a nice person” as he ends up berating a pharmacist. “

Another user added that the “co-signature of the woman in front of you tells me everything I need to know”.

But many of them also commented on how “Canadian” the exchange was – ultimately still quite polite, certainly compared to the screaming matches and physical violence in similar videos from the far south of the continent.

“It had Canadian vibes when he said ‘You know what, you’re not a nice person’,” @themizzk said.

“Tell me you live in Canada without telling me you live in Canada,” agreed another viewer.

One of the best comments from @fatterinperson praised @dani_koro for telling him to “Close”.

“As a fellow Canadian, I know you have shaken this man to his heart,” she wrote. “He will think about it for years. “

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* First published: Sep 30, 2021, 4:25 p.m. CDT

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